About Us


The Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles is made up of 11 voting members appointed by the Governor and nine non-voting members.

Greg McKay, Chairman – Elected June 2015
Represents snowmobile owners and users

Sue Baker, Vice Chairman – Elected June 2015
Represents the Nevada Association of Counties

Charlie Cox, Treasurer – Elected June 2015
Clark County – Represents ATV Owners

Jim Richardson, Secretary – Elected 2014
Washoe County – Representative for OHV Owners and Users

Paul Jackson
Washoe County – Represents OHV users in recreational areas that do not primarily involve OHVs.

Darin Elmore
Washoe County – Represents wildlife interests

Jonathan Griggs
Elko County – Represents agricultural interests

Kerry Lee
Lincoln County – Represents the Nevada Sheriff’s and Chief’s association

Michael Gerow
Washoe County – Represents OHV Dealers

Gary Lambert
Washoe County – Represents OHV owners, users and OHV racing

Scientific expert knowledgeable in the ecosystems of the Great Basin or Mojave Desert


For interested parties who would like to be considered for a position on the Commission, please complete the Boards and Commission application which may be completed and printed from the state website:  http://gov.nv.gov/Boards/Vacancies.  Please be advised that the Authorization for Release of Personal Information and Waiver form requires a notary.  The forms can be mailed, emailed or faxed to the Governor’s office: Fax: (702) 486-2505.

The legal authority for the commission is established by Nevada Revised Statute 490.067. The commission shall:

  1. Review applications for grants and award funds from the Fund for Off-Highway Vehicles;
  2. Monitor the accounting activities for the Fund;
  3. Meet at least four times per year; and
  4. Prepare a comprehensive report for each regular session of the Nevada Legislature.